Our Approach


Progress brings change. We honour traditional values, but encourage the individual development on both our clients' and our company's side. Core values such as loyalty and discretion are fixed parts of our philosophy, making us a reliable partner in asset management, mediation and advisory.


Schindler Asset Management consists of a small team with access to a network of cooperating organisations worldwide. This structure enables us to remain an efficient partner without losing time or value in an overly complicated system.

The direction remains the same, but ways do change: diversity creates a fertile ground for moves that allow us to be ahead of the market. 

We incorporate this principle into our daily operations, exploring opportunities in a broad range of sectors:

Fund Management

Schindler Asset Management offers fund management services through specifically set up companies. We also advise corporate clients with existing funds on the management of such and assume management positions.

Schindler AM manages a set of approaches towards the financial markets. These include:

- Cerberus

- Global Macro

- Gold

- PETS Pure Emerging Tech & SME 

Return profiles and custom risk-adjusted variations are available on request. Comparable MSCI and other industry indexes are regularly outperformed by a multiple. 

Venture Capital

To support and participate in technological advancements, Schindler AM has spun-off a venture capital firm, Schindler AM Ventures AG. The firm provides exposure to pre-IPO companies in all stages.


Single-deal SPVs can be set-up on request.

More information here.

Execution Services

Execution and Clearing services are offered mainly for stocks and commodities, as well as physical products. These services are priced highly competitive and are suitable for banks and large enterprises.

Execution and Clearing are offered for single transactions but can also be linked to fund structures with or without management by Schindler AM. 

Crypto Currencies

To increase liquidity for participants in the new financial markets, Schindler Asset Management has set up a structure to allow high-volume crypto transactions. The system supports all major crypto currencies in Crypto-Fiat and vice versa conversions. It is designed similar to an escrow-structure, ensuring security throughout the process. 


We are able to purchase large volumes of all major currencies.


An IPO or RTO is one of the most important chapters in a company's history. Schindler Asset Management is able to draw out a clear path towards achieving such goals.